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Dear Neighbor,

I have exciting news for Lancaster city property owners. You can make your more exterior inviting and appealing to visitors or customers.

It doesn’t require building permits, wet paint, or torn sidewalks. But after you make this change, people will feel the positive difference.

It’s a phone call or email away to accept a free tree at the curb space in front of your property.

Envision the approving smiles of visitors admiring the enhanced curb appeal of your property.     
Picture the hominess and beauty of your entrance.
Imagine the cool interior of cars parked in shade.
See children and family members, or employees at break time, pulling chairs into a calm peaceful circle under the shade to visit with each other and the neighbors.
Think of the relaxing view from inside as you connect with nature looking out on a vigorous tree.
Your worries just melt away as you listen to the song birds’ lovely sounds.

Imagine how you’ll feel receiving an item worth up to $200 at NO COST to you?

And free, expert labor thrown in on top? What more could be right?

Here are a few facts about trees:  
Studies reported in Scientific American reveal that living near trees is good for your mental health.

U.S. News & World Report cites Harvard University research showing trees reduce depression and stress and may even increase your longevity.

The American Power Association estimates that the coolness given by shade from a tree – possibly a 4-degree F difference outside - can make everyone more comfortable at up to 50% savings on electric cooling bills of a building shaded by a tree.

And, cable channel HGTV says that houses sell more quickly and for a higher price when landscaping includes trees.

“The hardest part was choosing what tree we wanted.  We even signed up our neighbor next door.” --  The Whalen Family
“I just love watching the leaves change color in the fall.”   --  Tom DeDanza

Right now the Lancaster Tree Tenders have young trees specifically chosen to thrive in Lancaster City’s weather, climate, and exact size of the planting space between curb and sidewalk. The Tenders have maps of gas and utility lines and can match the height and width of a tree’s growth to the surroundings of your property.  They even do the digging and planting! All you need to do is water the new tree weekly.

Call this number now:   717-392-7891 x-207 to explore getting a free tree. Act today because the supply of free plantings may not last.

Or if it’s easier, email   [email protected]
Pet Costume Contest  -  Independence"Week"                                       Practice Name
                                                                                                                      Street Address
Prizes and Free Raffle Tickets!                      Honor and Glory!

The CUTEST!  The MOST Stately!  The SOPHISTICATE!  The MOST CREATIVE!  These are just SOME of the prizes waiting for your costumed pet to win...

Visit our practice during normal office hours from July 2 through 6 for a photo op with our receptionist to strut your pet's stuff.  At the end of the week, we'll inform winners and feature photos of the stars in our next newsletter. 

ALL pet entrants will be entered in a raffle  for a gift certificate to _______  and a raffle for donation to the ____ shelter in its honor.

If you are not yet a family coming to our practice, we heartily welcome you to meet our team and see what we can offer! 

Days and hours: ______________
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